How to get a girlfriend and how to attract women?

Many of you have seen these pathetic dating sites where are info about dating, and that info are equal to zero, but we managed to ask quality dating site/blog owners to share their wisdom with us and here we go what we have got. THE QUESTION As we, all learn walk we all need to learn from our mistakes.

Our question to women dating experts: „ Man starts conversation with woman near bar which are interested in that man. Some conversation sentences from man and women lost her interest in that man. Why did that happen? What are the three biggest killers of attraction?”

We have done checkout of answers and give it to you.

Therefore, the biggest attraction killers by women dating experts are:

  • 1. Bad attention/ not keeping eye contact.
  • 2. Excessively much sexual intentions.
  • 3. Talking too much.
  • 4. Talk about ex-wife, girlfriend, sex and children and so on….
  • 5. Try making impression being too drunk.
  • 6. Not proper or bad hygiene.
  • 7. Being over eager
  • 8. Demonstrating you are not interested in conversation, not happy with female, not happy with moment you have.

Let us try to figure out why these fantastic female dating experts thinks like that and how it is different from a men logic.

Use this info to get answer to question how to get a girlfriend, or you can use this info to understand women logic and it will help you to get laid.

Biggest important attraction disasters are:

  • 1. Man are bragging too much, and man are not interested in listening women.
  • 2. Make an eye contact.
  • 3. Do not say joke or any sexual innuendos.
  • 4. Hygiene not proper and/or person body smell are not suitable.
  • 5. Do not get drunk too much before you got contact with female.
  • 6. Do not touch her breast or grab her but.
  • 7. Do not ask female phone number too fast or ask her go to yours place.
  • 8. Don’t be rude and be polite.
  • 9. Be some kind of sincerity, don not treat women like they are one of many, remember she is the one. (maybe just this evening).

What should you do to attract women:

1. Give her a compliment, start conversation about her look, ask her questions about her interest or life start conversation with her, not do monologue, let her speak firstly and only then join conversation. Bragging can be a huge turnoff and most women can tell instantly when a guy is full of it. A man who likes to listen to a woman loves women in general, and this is a BIG turn on. Forget monologue about me, start conversation with her and do that she talk, you listen.

2. Stop staring at women breast, but or other part of her. Do not dare to touch smart phone or stare into other girls. Yours most important goal is to impress yours new met lady and make a connection with her as soon as possible because she is calibrating you from first yours word and yours time is ticking. Show her that you are interested only in her. Do not dare to check Facebok on smart phone and focus all attention into female.

3. Women spent lot of time to prepare for evening in town so give her a compliment about her drees, shoos, her look, her hairs or hands, her smile or eyes. You must give her feeling that she is one and the best of all females in that room and she is.

4. Why do you think perfumes were made for? Buy them and use them. Perfumes will help you seduce any female just use them slightly use them high quality and use only those they wits yours body. All the info you can get from qualify perfume seller. Do not dare to go date without proper hygiene. Yours clothing are important too, try to use proper clothing for yours body type. Women love this! Take time to iron and pick out some stylish clothes before heading out. Women love a man who knows how to dress nice.

5. If you are too drunk to speak clearly or drive car do not dare to go into female hunting for long terms. Let the party go on and feel free to relax and have some fun but do not dare to start trying to get laid with girl/women you would like to have as a girlfriend in long terms because you will fail and will lose a chance. Alcohol and party are for one-night chances.

6. If you are not millionaire, do not dare to grab her but or breast. You will fail again and will show how pathetic you are. First, you have to make good connection with her.

7. Female come to bar or date for intention to spent some time and to know each other. So spare some time of yours and try, speak with female as much as she wants and spent time as much as she wants. Only then when evening comes to end ask her cell phone number or even better drive her back home with taxi.

8. You can be a biker with swearing words all over the whole day but you must be polite with women you are seeking.

9. Be some kind of sincerity, don not treat women, as they are one of many, and remember she is the one. If you will act as female are from herd you will definitely lose her instant so do not forget it.